Paradise Palms & Sculpture Gardens

Situated on Half Mile Road in West Delray Beach, Florida, Paradise Palms Botanical & Sculpture Gardens offers a unique outdoor experience of nature and art, where visitors can stroll through acres of beautifully designed and maintained gardens, groves, and micro-forests containing a significant range of rare and beautiful plants and trees, including one of the most extensive palm tree collections in the United States.

This garden has been an ongoing project since 2013. Currently, it is comprised of two sections, a 10-acre garden open to the public by appointment only, and a contiguous 10-acre privately owned garden available by guided tour upon request.

Paradise Palms Botanical & Sculpture Gardens, Inc., is a 501 (c)(3) registered non-profit organization.

Visitation by appointment only

  • Wed, Thurs, Sat 10-4pm

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Paradise Palms Botanical & Sculpture Gardens’ (PPB&SG) mission is to provide the general public with awareness of and education about the tremendous variation, beauty, and utility of palm trees; and to provide botanists, naturalists, horticulturalists, and other scientists with an optimal environment for research, observation, experimentation, and education about palm trees.

Within the combined public and private 20-acres, one will find palm tree species from every corner of the world, set in natural environments, as well as hundreds of other interesting and unique trees and plants. In addition, you can make your way through an outdoor “conservatory” of rare palms under an immense Ficus tree.

Other points of interest include a well-stocked lake, a “mountain” supporting dozens of palms and plants that prosper in full sun and well-drained soil, a covered rake garden hidden in a small bamboo forest, a yoga house, and, along every path running through the entire property, modern and contemporary outdoor sculptures from all around the world.