Welcome to Hideaway Palmetum, Delray Beach FL

Hideaway Palmetum was started in early 2019 when Ella & Eric Graham cleared out all of the invasive plants and a few large trees from the lot and started the plan for the initial canopy at that time bringing in the fastest growing palms first.

The first load of plants.

Pictured above is the after removal of large trees.

Thanks to the help of friends with large machinery Ella & Eric were able to clear the debris and bring over some of the collection they had acquired over previous years from the property they were leaving behind.

Unfortunately most of the palms were too large to move and were left behind. What did make it on the journey was Platyceriums, Bromeliads, Rhipsalis, Orchids, & Rocks.

Pictured March 21, 2019 The first palms that were planted in the ground at Hideaway Palmetum. Also in this picture is a Ficus elastica which was the last big item that we removed as well as how the Dypsis lutescens looked before its hard thin.

Over the past four years they have added 98% of the material that is currently on the property through careful curation.

Pictured May 28, 2023

The first three palms have grown greatly in the past four years, with many additions trailing close behind.

June 1st, 2023 newest additions to the garden.

Starting the second phase while awaiting the canopy to lift further, the garden will see many transitions throughout the coming years.