Subfamily Platycerioideae
Genus Platycerium

As we dive head first into the world of Platyceriums we have found that there are some good resources to guide you along your journey, we are not attempting to replace them but instead share pictures and curated knowledge acquired along our journey.

Figure 2 is from Phylogeny and biogeography of the staghorn fern genus Platycerium (Polypodiaceae, Polypodiidae)
Article in American Journal of Botany · February 2006

Personally the description of the figure is hardly decipherable but it makes a good connection to frond and shield styles.

Pictured below Pla. willinckii in one of our trees.

Pictured below is a page out of the Fern Growers Manual by Barbera Joe Hoshizaki and Robbin C. Moran (2001)

It is the most commonly handed out and referred to document. We found the layout of the pictures confusing at first, easily dismissing the nuances between the spores and fronds making them all similar.

If you know the specific species of this Pla. willinckii please let us know.

The trophy wall!