Plant Profile

Calyptrocalyx albertisianus

(kah-lip-troh-KAH-liks) (ahl-behr-tihs-ee-AHN-ûs)

Sunset Palm

Subfamily Arecoideae

Tribe Areceae
Subtribe Linospadicinae

“A small to medium sized, solitary pinnate palm to about 3m tall. Pinnately compound, diametrically opposed pinnae, evenly spaced, very wide, dark green, somewhat drooping, bright red new emergent leaf, leaf may reach 10 foot in length. One of the few Calyptrocalyx that is not clustering.” – Palmpedia

“A midsized palm from primary rainforest in New Guinea, this is one of the larger species of Calyptrocalyx. Its distinguishing features are a long and undivided flower spike that carries fairly large, red fruits when mature, and a beautiful pinkish red, new leaf with wide leaflets. Essentially a palm for the humid tropics, it appreciates a protected spot ideally under some canopy and is a delightful palm that also makes a good pot plant when young.” – Rare Palm Seeds

“The native range of this species is New Guinea to Bismarck Archipelago. It is a tree and grows primarily in the wet tropical biome.” – Kew

Origin Map from Kew Royal Botanic Gardens