Plant Profile

Platycerium andinum

(plat-ih-SEER-ee-um ) (an-DE-num)

American Staghorn

Subfamily Platycerioideae

Genus Platycerium

“The only Platycerium native to South America, specifically in the mountains of Bolivia and Peru. Moderately difficult. This dry forest species needs good ventilation, and drying between watering.

Young fertile fronds are covered with dense silvery hairs.  As the fertile frond matures, it appears more waxy with prominent veins.  The fertile fronds fork and create a lobe where you might expect a spore patch.  However the spore patch is lower and tend to be in the center of the fertile fronds and not the tips which continue to grow.

Temperatures between 70°F-90°F (21-32°C), low of 40°F (4°C). Requires low light. Produces pups readily.” – Halling

“This has been a troublesome grower easily getting too wet and is preferred by pests.” – Hideaway Palmetum

“The native range of this species is Peru to W. Bolivia. It is an epiphyte.” – Kew

Bolivia, Peru

Origin Map from Kew Royal Botanic Gardens