Plant Profile

Coccothrinax macroglossa

(koh-koh-TRIH-naks) (mak-roh-GLOHS-ah)

Azul Palm

Subfamily Coryphoideae

Tribe Cryosophileae

No Subtribe

“This palm has some similarities with Coccothrinax miraguama but can easily be distinguished by its silvery coloration on the topside of the leaves as well as the leaves being undulating rather than flat.” – The Palms of Cuba by Paul Craft

One of the most exciting novelties from Cubas extraordinary flora, a few populations of Coccothrinax macroglossa in Camagüey exhibit a most magnificent leaf color, a dense, shiny white silver below and a steely blue, waxy silver above. It easily rivals the color of the great silver Bismarckia, and makes the palm one of the few with a silver/blue leaf that will grow well in the tropics. It can also manage warm temperate conditions as long as it is not exposed to more than an occasional light freeze. It is quite resistant to drought and well drained soil is essential. A sunny spot is recommended. Like most Coccothrinax it is slow growing at first but speeds up considerably once a trunk is formed. With a maximum of about 6 m (20 ft.) tall, its size of course is ultimately so much more manageable than that of Bismarckia. In Riffle and Craft’s Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms, this species is described and pictured as Coccothrinax “azul”. (

“The native range of this species is E. Cuba. It is a tree and grows primarily in the wet tropical biome.” – Kew

Origin Map accessed 12/28/2023 from Kew Royal Botanic Gardens