Plant Profile

Areca vestiaria

(ah-REHK-ah) (vehs-tee-ahr-EE-ah)

Areca vestiaria

Areca vestiaria Red Form

Subfamily Arecoideae

Tribe Areceae

Subtribe Arecinae

“It would be hard to find a more morphologically diverse species in the palm kingdom. This gorgeous palm varies from a profusely suckering red crownshafted plant with maroon leaves, to a single trunked orange version with green leaves, and everything in between. It has been reported that there is substantial color variation depending on elevation, with the more colorful plants coming from higher elevations. Observations, at least in cultivation, indicate the maroon variety suckers more readily than the orange form. Clumping individuals will attain widths up to 15 ft/4.5m and heights of 20-25 ft/6-8m. This palm will often times exhibit distinct arial or stilt roots emerging from the 3-4in/7-10cm. diameter trunks. These palms are monoeceious with small yellow/orange flowers emerging from beneath the crownshaft that bear orange to dark red ovoid fruit similar to Areca catechu.” – Palmpedia

“The native range of this species is Sulawesi to Maluku. It is a tree and grows primarily in the wet tropical biome.” – Kew

Origin Map from Kew Royal Botanic Gardens