Plant Profile

Archontophoenix tuckeri

(ahr-kohn-toh-FEH-niks) (tuhk-er’-ee)

Rocky River Palm

Subfamily Arecoideae

Tribe Areceae

Subtribe Archontophoenicinae

“Native to Northern Australia, where it is mostly found in moist tropical areas, particularly in rainforest or along streams. A. tuckeri have found their way into cultivation all over the world. Occurs in rainforest, gallery forest, swampforest, mangrove ecotone and moist vine-thickets of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland from Mcllwraith Range [14° 00’S] to Cape York [10° 40’S], from sea-level to 500 m altitude.

A. tuckeri will not take heavy frost, but, on the other hand, given their vigor, will often outgrow inclement conditions that do not kill them. This is a variable species which tends to become shorter with smaller leaves in the northern parts of its range. The fruit is large and the two distinct layers of fibres in the mesocarp are unique within the genus. New leaves are often in tones of pink, red or bronze, and the juvenile leaves become proportionately larger than in other species before they commence to divide.” – Palmpedia

“The native range of this species is N. Queensland. It is a tree and grows primarily in the wet tropical biome.” – Kew

Origin Map from Kew Royal Botanic Gardens