A journey through time

  • December 2018


    New Property

    Out with the existing unwanted plantings. The property was defaulted upon the previous owners death and bank owned for ten years vacant with no maintenance. As a result the trees were overgrown and the lot was loaded with huge invasive plants. We removed the Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Carrotwood) and Schinus terebinthifolia (Brazilian pepper) as well as bischofia javanica and a Ficus elastica.

  • January 2019



    After the removal of the Invasive plants and clearing out all of the debris it was time to trim the remaining trees. The back row of  Terminalia buceras (black olive) trees on the property were opened up brought down growing into what is now a nice canopy. There was also one black olive close to the house and one Swietenia mahagoni (mahogany) in the easement that we had removed.

  • March 2019



    Irrigation installation completed.

  • July 2019


    Fruit Trees

    Fruit Trees installed, not all survived to current.

    Carambola Arkin (Removed)
    Carambola Fwang Tung
    Cinnamomum Camphora
    Citrus × microcarpa | Calamansi (Greening)
    Mangifera Pickering

  • August 2019


    Visit to D’asign Nursery

    Our first experience of seeing rare and unusual palms almost fully grown out in person. It was so wonderful and overwhelming to see the diversity of species that they have acquired.

    From their nursery on this visit we chose:

    Chambeyronia macrocarpa
    Coccothrinax crinita
    Coccothrinax crinita sp brevicrinus
    Dypsis (Chrysalidocarpus) leptocheilos
    Dictyosperma album
    Satakentia liukiuensis

  • December 2019



    Koi shipment arrives bringing back joy from koi ponds of the past.